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Resverigen Ingredients:

  • Pharmaceutical-Grade Resveratrol Extract

    Many resveratrol supplements use standard-quality resveratrol. We take resveratrol extracted from grape skins and Japanese knotweed and use a patented purification process to eliminate impurities and deliver the highest concentration of pure resveratrol power. This pharmaceutical-grade extract goes to work immediately for high-impact results. You can enjoy the benefits of over 1000 glasses of red wine in every dose. You will feel the difference the first time you take Resverigen.

    The clinically-proven benefits of resveratrol include: reversal of age-related disorders; extended lifespan; increased fat oxidation and weight loss; protects the brain from age-related damage; helps delay the onset of Alzheimer's and age-related dementia; reduces LDL (bad) cholesterol; improves cardiovascular health; prevents free radical damage; elevated immune system; anti-cancer benefits -- and more. Remember these benefits are scientifically proven and you can experience all these benefits from the very first dose of Resverigen. Why wait? Start enjoying the benefits of Resverigen today!

  • Acai Berry Extract

    Acai berry, the famous Amazon superfood, is absolutely packed with antioxidant polyphenol compounds, photosterols and anthocyanins. Acai extract packs four times the antioxidant power of the raw fruit into the Resverigen formula. The benefits you'll experience from acai berry extract include: balanced blood sugar and insulin levels; reduced LDL cholesterol; prevention of free radical damage; improve blood circulation; antiviral and anti-allergenic properties; reduction of inflammation accelerated weight loss -- and more. The native peoples of the Brazilian and Peruvian rain forests call the acai berry the "fruit of life."

    All the benefits of acai berries synergistically complement the benefits of resveratrol for an even more powerful and life-changing formula. You will begin to see a huge difference in the way you feel from the very first day with Resverigen. Yes, you can feel incredible every day with the power of Resverigen - try it today!

  • Resverigen Gives You Even More

    Unlike many resveratrol supplements, Resverigen provides a blend of proven antioxidant compounds to provide even greater benefits. The combination of resveratrol and acai with quercetin, grapeseed extract and green tea extract addresses virtually every aspect of age-related disorders and reductions in your body's functionality. These powerful antioxidant compounds not only protect your body from damage, they actually help the individual cells of your body reverse and heal the damage caused by free radicals, aging, environmental toxins and unhealthy living.

    Resveratrol and each of the other ingredients in the Resverigen formula has been clinically studied and scientifically proven to have amazing benefits. Why would you want anything less? Get the most out of your resveratrol supplement! Start looking and feeling younger and healthier than ever before, with Resverigen -- try Resverigen today!

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How does Resverigen work?

Resverigen provides you with the benefits of resveratrol. Although resveratrol has been all over the news over the last few months, scientists have known about the incredible benefits of resveratrol for years. In fact, resveratrol is one of the most studied and tested compounds ever.

Through laboratory experimentation, scientists have documented the incredible life extension benefits of resveratrol. Tests have proven that resveratrol activates a special "survival gene" known as SIRT1. When this gene is activated your body puts itself in emergency survival mode. The effects of this change are astonishing:

  • Slows the genetic components of aging (similar to extreme caloric restriction)
  • Increases energy levels
  • Accelerates oxidation (burning) of fat stores
  • Boosts immune system response (to fight all diseases, including cancer)
  • Moderates levels of blood sugar and insulin
  • Keeps bones and muscles, including the heart, strong and healthy
  • Increases lifespan

Did you even know your body had these powers? It's amazing -- and what's even more amazing is that all these benefits are scientifically proven. These claims are all backed up by evidence.

Even more incredibly, the benefits of resveratrol extend beyond activation of the SIRT1 gene. Resveratrol is also a powerful antioxidant, so it helps protect your body from the damage caused by free radicals. In combination with the other antioxidant compounds in the Resverigen formula, you can actually help your body heal the damage caused by age. You can literally turn back the hands of time -- with Resverigen. Take a risk trial offer of Resverigen today!